2,5 milliard Euro on the commercial property market

Preliminary analysis of Jones Lang LaSalle noted that value of investment transactions on the Polish market of commercial properties amounted 2,5 milliard Euro in 2012.

Poland was the most active market in the Middle-East Europe within the last year, according to Jones Lang LaSalle data. Total value of investment transactions on the local market of commercial properties in 2012 can amount to even 2,5 milliard Euro.

After first three quarters of 2012, a total value of transactions amounted 1,08 milliard Euro. In the third quarter this value for an office market amounted 187 million Euro, and for the storage one - 27 million Euro. Investment rise was noticed in the fourth quarter. In this time, the biggest transactions on the Polish market of commercial properties were closed - taking over of Łódz's commerce centre Manufaktura by Union Investment for about 390 million Euro.

Tomasz Trzósło, Director of Capital Market Departments in the CEE region, Jones Lang LaSalle, said: Few big transactions on the Warsaw's office market were closed in November, which influenced significantly the total annual value of investment transactions in Poland. Jones Lang LaSalle team, was advising in the selling process of parts of this structures, and in this Warsaw Financial Centre, Platinium Business Park, Marynarska Business Park, and International Business Centre I i II. Value of each of this prestigious and recognized office projects definitely exceed 100 million Euro. Those transactions were preluded by the overtaking of Manufacture, as well as consulting participation of Jones Lang LaSalle. In the effect of closing those and other transactions, according to our estimation, the value of investment transactions in Poland amount currently to over 2,2 milliard Euro. We are predicting that within last two weeks of 2012 this value will increase by another 300 million Euro, which will get a total result on the level of 2,5 milliard Euro, comparable with the result of 2,75, noted in the very strong 2011. It's a wonderful news and at the same time confirmation that for many investors Poland is a leading market on the continent. We count, that a good streak will continue in the coming year 2013.

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