PHN is looking for a partner for investments

Port Rybacki in Gdynia
Investment is located at Hryniewickiego Street
Polski Holding NIeruchomości is looking for a partner based on the principle joint venture, aiming the investment execution in Gdynia.

Investment "Port Rybacki" in Gdynia will be located on the parcel at Hryniewickiego 10 Street. Capital group Polski Holding Nieruchomości is looking for a partner based on the principle joint venture. Consulting company Cushman&Wakefield was the sole consultant of Polski Holding Nieruchomości in this matter.

The parcel for this investment has a space of 10,4 hectare and it is located near Molo Rybackie in Gdynia. Sea Towers and shopping centre Gemini is located in a close neighbourhood. Area, on which "Port Rybacki" will be executed, belongs to Dalmor company, which is included in Polski Holding Nieruchomości.

"Port Rybacki" will consist of office and housing complex building extended by commercial development.

According to a business strategy of the group, large investment projects we want to execute in a JV formula. Port Rybacki is a project of the large scale and development potential, because of that we want to execute it on such rules. There are few prepared and executed projects of this type in a group e.g. Wrocław Industrial Park, executed together with a British developer SEGRO - says Paweł Laskowski-Fabisiewicz, Vice-President of

Piotr Szmilewski, Senior Consultant, Capital Market Group, Cushman&Wakefield claim: Planning investment  will be an example of revitalization of the industrial area laid in a great location, in a city centre on the sea coast. GK PHN thinks about the possibility of the area development within one or few common investments with one or few contractors.

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