Centre of Innovative Aeronautics and Space Technologies will be built

Skanska will build an office and scientific building for Institute of Aeronautics.

Centre of Innovative Aeronautics and Space Technologies, which will be built in Warsaw, will cost almost 35 million zł net. Skanska company will execute the building for Institute of Aeronautics in two stages. The end of execution is planned on the summer 2014.

Building will offer over 10 000sqm of total space. Skanska is executing also systems of connection and infrastructure. The structure will be in a shape of a H letter. Representative spaces will be in a middle part, however work spaces will be found in other parts.

Centre will be located at al. Krakowska in a Włochy district, in Warsaw.

First stage of the investment will consist of building the west part of the building and rebuilding of existing on this area objects. First building will offer 4 052sqm on four tiers. In the second stage, east and the middle part of the structure will be built. It will be a four-tier building, and its space will amount to 6874,90sqm. This stage will be executed until the end of June 2014 - says Tomasz Mastej, Project Director, Skanska.

Centre of Innovative Aeronautics and Space Technologies will have an office and research-development function. There will be rooms for authorities of Institute of Aeronautics, laboratories, conference and lecture rooms, auditorium. A canteen available for all employees will be located on the ground floor.

Institute of Aeronautics has been established in 1926. It's a public research-development entity, dealing with the project, engineering and research activities within aeronautics and space science.

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