Radom Office Park soon

Radom Office Park
Radom Office Park
Advanced works connected with the finishing of the first structure in the Radom Office Park complex which belongs to Centrum Słoneczne.

John Gabrovic, Director of Centrum Słoneczne says: Investment is being done according to the schedule. Finishing of building works on the first storey is predicted at the end of January/ beginning of 2013. We're doing finishing works of interior in the building. Facade works have been completed.

Radom Office Park is a complex which consists of two three-storey buildings with a total usable space of over 10 000sqm. Offices are a part of the Centrum Słoneczne which include existing Galeria Słoneczna, Aquapark and Słoneczne Housing Development together with green areas and playground for children. This multifunctional target is executed by AIG/Lincoln. Radom Office Park will be the first A-class office complex in Radom.

Modern solutions ensuring functional and effective usage of the office space were applied during the plan of the building. Large spaces of the storey give leaseholders a wide possibilities of office arrangement depending on the business and character of the company. Small office modules are predicted from 200sqm bearing in mind local entrepreneurs. A-class technical specification ensures characteristic solutions for modern offices i.a. raised ceilings and floors, open window modules, intelligent systems of building control (BMS), air-conditioning and ventilation with the possibility of individual temperature adjust. Whole complex has security 24 hours per day - says John Gabrovic.

Radom Office Park is located in the centre of Radom, in a close vicinity of Radom University of Technology and Teatr Powszechny. There are also bus stops in the neighbourhood.

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Radomianin84 :
Super! Bardzo przyjazne obiekty.
April 12, 2013 at 10:43 AM
Bartek :
Pozytywne zaskoczenie, że w Radomiu powstaje tak nowoczesny biurowiec! Brawo!
January 18, 2013 at 11:27 AM