Radom – a city friendly to entrepreneurs?

Radom Offie Park
Radom Offie Park
Walter Herz company prepared a report concerning the investment attractiveness of Radom – an office market for which the year 2014 was really successful.

Radom is a town with the rights of a county situated on the route Cracow-Warsaw. It is the biggest center located nearly 80 km from Warsaw, which provides it a very good communicational connection. As one of the few cities in Poland, it may boast about close proximity to airport, national road – S7 Gdańsk-Cracow and developed railway networks.


The growing potential of the city is noticeable on the basis of the increased number of questions about office areas in Radom. It should be a clear message for developers to start another office projects class A in the city. The present interest and newly signed agreements at the turn of the year as well as those which will be signed in the first quarter create a very positive vision of demand and supply in 2015 – comments Bartłomiej Zagrodnik from Walter Herz company.


Furthermore, the important factor of a business development in Radom is a wide educational offer – there are 14 universities functioning in the city, on which the education is obtained by almost 12 thousand students. The universities meet halfway of market expectations by creating i.a. postgraduates studies dedicated to outsourcing industry. In spite of it, the unemployment rate in this city totals ca. 20 per cent (while the registered unemployment rate in the whole country amounted to 11,5 per cent at the end of December) and average monthly remuneration maintains within 3300 zlotys.


Experts in Walter Herz convince that the property market in Radom is developing all the time thanks to the interest of companies from Poland and abroad. It concerns not only commercial and warehouse areas but also office ones. The supply of modern working places totals ca. 15 000 sq. m in Radom and planned projects, which should be realized within the nearest 2 years, indicate a great growth potential in demand and supply of area class A in this city. One sq. m of office area in Radom costs monthly ca. 8-12 euro.


The noticeable interest concerning office areas in Radom Office Park shows that our decision about building the first structure class A in Radom was right. The group of tenants in Radom Office Park was expanded in 2014 by such renown companies like PKO BP, PGNiG, Randstad, Provident and ASSG. The present stage of commercialization as well as negotiations, which are being conducted now, let us to believe that another phase of our project may be also a great success – admits Dariusz Domański, Manager for Investments in AIG Lincoln.


It is worth mentioning that the building of a new historical headquarters of Fabryka Broni Łucznik came to a close last year. 2014 was a year of increasing investment attractiveness of Radom by realizing such investments as, for instance, building of an airport or a new registered office of Fabryka Broni. We also see many new possibilities for investors – our engagement in the area of support for obtaining a business and thus new working places will bring about some new successes soon – convinces Rafał Rajkowski, vice-president in Radom.


According to analyses, future years will be very profitable to Radom due to new investments. Thanks to a still developing infrastructure, the potential of the city is growing as well as the possibility of attracting investors interested in office, warehouse and production areas. 


The full report of Walter Herz is available below.

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