Work in full swing on Plac Unii

The deepest slurry wall in Warsaw is being constructed on the investment managed by Liebrecht & Wood and BBI.

Liebrecht & wooD  and BBI Development are completing next stages of Plac Unii. The earthworks are running according to the schedule and will include taking away more than 170 sq. m of soil. The investment shall be finalized in the third quarter of 2013.

Taking into consideration the localization of the construction site, the investors decided to implement the intricate technology of the slurry wall, which will provide stability of the earthwork. The wall in Plac Unii is one of the deepest constructions of this type in Warsaw. Thanks to it the construction will not cause any damage to the neighbouring buildings. It provides low volume of noise and the lack of tremors during the construction. It would not be possible to make a traditional 53 m deep earthwork in this place because the surrounding buildings are very close to each other.

Marc Lebbe, member of the Management Board of Liebrecht & wooD, said about the construction works: The four-storey underground part of this office complex is being built with the implementation of a mixed method. Steel anchor plates are hammered into the slurry wall. They join the wall with the soil around the earthwork and stabilize it. We also construct ceilings and next dig soil from beneath them. 

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