6 projects of Foreign Investment Agency

In January, Foreign Investment Agency has already finalized 6 projects, which helped to create 2 691 working places.

During last month, 6 investors co-operating with Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) decided to locate their investments in Poland. They will jointly invest 188 billion euro and create c.a. 2700 workplaces – The Chairman of PAIiIZ, Sławomir Majman, said on a briefing on Monday.

‘Investor’s satisfaction from the service of PAIiIZ' is a report that was conducted by TNS Poland at the request of PAIiIZ in the last quarter of 2012. The companies which have been co-working with the company for more than a year, agreed on human resources as being the main potential of Poland. Our country offers good-qualified and numerous staff, which is characterized by the high culture of working, commitment and the knowledge of foreign languages. Costs of employment are also keen in comparison with other European countries.

According to UNCTAD, in 2012 the inflow of BIZ – direct investments of foreign companies – to Poland equaled 4,1 billion USD. However, United Nations’ expert on BIZ, Prof. Zbigniew Zimny, who was also present at the meeting, emphasized that the latest report of NBP was not included. According to it, the price of BIZ till November 2012 equaled 5,6 billion USD. The low result is mainly caused by one transaction in transit from February 2012, which was 5,2 billion USD worth. Prof. Zimny stated that if the outflow of this transaction was removed, the rate of BIZ would equal 10,8 billion USD.

Prof. Zimny concluded that the price of BIZ increased jointly from 198 billion USD at the end of 2011 to 219 billion USD at the end of third quarter of 2012.

In January 2012, PAIiIZ completed 6 projects of joint price of 188 billion euro and the employment of 2 691 people. It constitutes only 25% of the number of all workplaces that was created in 2012. Currently, The Agency is running 152 investment projects of jint price of over 3,8 billion euro that can create 26 900 workplaces. 

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