Foreign investors favor Poland

According to this year’s edition of the research conducted by PAIiIZ in cooperation with Grant Thornton and HSBC bank, 98 per cent of foreign entities which invested on the domestic market would do it again.

The investors who participated in the research were supposed to judge the potential of Poland as a location for running a business. The five-degree scale, in which one meant „very bad” whereas five meant „very good”, foreign entities judged the domestic market averagely on 3.7 points. Only 2 per cent of the respondents pointed out the „bad” option. Thus the value of the rate defining the general investment conditions has been the highest one since 2007. This rate exceeded the case of 3 points recorded in the years 2007-2010. In the next two years it was oscillating at the level of more than 3.5 points. It means that the rate of running a business in Poland definitely increased.


The investors favor our country for economic and political stability as well as big and still increasing internal market – said chairman of PAIiIZ Sławomir Majman. The best grade was granted to Poland by investors from Switzerland (averagely 4 points), and then from Denmark, France and Holland (3.8 points). It is worth mentioning that none foreign entity granted the Polish market a worse note than 3.


According to chairman of Department of Foreign Investments in PAIiIZ Iwona Chojnowska-Haponik, 98 per cent of enterprises which are pleased with location of their capital in Poland is a very good result. On the other hand, it constitutes a big challenge. Vice-chairman of PAIiIZ Michał Dąbrowski claims that it may be faced by simplification of bureaucratic procedures and creation of a friendly law for entrepreneurs. We are doing very well in other fields – pointed out Michał Dąbrowski.


According to the research, the quality of domestic transport infrastructure has been significantly enhanced. This factor was one of the worst judged aspects by foreign investors eight years ago. The conducted investments within recent years in the area of modernization and development of infrastructure translate themselves into enhancement of investment attractiveness and competitiveness of domestic economy. Nowadays, Poland is a much more attractive place for locating foreign investments than a decade ago – judged Przemysław Polaczek, Manging Partner in Grant Thornton. It owns it to e.g. internal demand, political stabilization and increasing institutional maturity of Poland – added Polaczek.


The research aimed at assessment of investment conditions in the country was conducted on 28th September – 16th October this year by a poll method on the sample of 100 foreign investors from 21 countries from different parts of the globe.


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