"Plany Pracodawców" – employment is expected

"Plany Pracodawców" - employment is to icrease by the end of the year
"Plany Pracodawców" - employment is to icrease by the end of the year
The employment is to increase by the end of the year. More than 30 per cent of companies are interested in establishing new work places. However, employers often have problems with finding people with adequate qualifications.

The dynamics of the labor market is still maintained. According to the newest edition of the survey "Plany Pracodawców" devised by Randstad, the interest of companies which are to establish new work places in the nearest six months increased up to 37 per cent. Such situation is beneficial for employees and difficult for companies since only one third of them can effectively recruit qualified people.


37 per cent of the companies surveyed by Randstad are to increase employment in the nearest six months, and only 7 per cent of them are to limit new work places. It can be therefore assumed that the beneficial situation for people searching for a job is to be maintained, especially in shared services centers (SSC/BPO) and in the industry since the planned recruitment was announced by respectively 50 per cent and 43 per cent of the respondents. Furthermore, there are 26 per cent more completed projects in comparison to the analogical period in the previous year. The motor sector, BSS as well as research and development industry were responsible for 75 per cent of the newly established work places.


According to the report, every fourth employer plans to increase remuneration. Companies also find other forms of encouraging employees to stay in their companies. Benefits for the best employed are awarded by 2/3 of the surveyed, and training courses for employees are organized by 3/4 of the respondents. Moreover, building of individual career paths (50 per cent), horizontal promotion (49 per cent) and integration events (46 per cent) have a good impact on the reduction of the outflow of personnel.


Ca. 82 per cent of the surveyed companies have been searching for new employees within last six months. Only 37 per cent of them found people who met their expectations, and 31 per cent employed less people with appropriate qualifications. 21 per cent of the economic entities had to face the problem of limiting expectations towards employees, and 7 per cent of them decided not to employ new people.


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