In 2012 Skanska was building 150,000 sq m of offices

Visualisation of Green Horizon complex in Łódź
Office buildings Green Towers in Wrocław
The latest Skanska's results show that in 2012 the company leased almost 53,000 sq m of office area, and had in total 150,000 sq m under construction.

In 2011 Skanska Property Poland had 90,500 sq m of office area under construction, whereas in 2012 this amount increased by 65% - to 150,000 sq m. This amount was comprised of seven projects - ten buildings. The developer fulfiled Green Towers and Green Day in Wrocław, Green Horizon in Łódź, Green Corner and Artium 1 in Warsaw, Malta House in Poznań and Kapelanka 42 in Kraków.

"The year 2012 was a very good year for us. We commissioned buildings in three new office projects; in addition, we sold two leased complexes actually at the very moment when the construction was finished. Comparing to the year 2011, the scale of our business has considerably increased and at the same time we are still planning new investments, both in Warsaw and other cities in Poland. For a long time we have believed in potential of the Polish market and all our achievements up to now only prove that there is a solid basis for it," said Waldemar Olbryk, the President of Skanska Property Poland.

In 2012 Skanska also leased 52,550 sq m of office spaces, which means an increase by 68% in comparison to the previous year when 31 245 sq m of office spaces were leased.

"The year 2012 was very interesting for courageous developers with a well-established market position. Skanska is exactly this kind of developer. The company begins most of its investments without prelease agreements, which indicates stable, strong market position and the lack of problems with project financing. In 2012 the considerable number of transactions in the office market in Poland, which exceeded 960,000 sq m, undoubtedly contributed also to Skanska's success," informs Paweł Skałba, the Partner in Colliers International.

At the end of the year 2012 the company sold completed and leased office investments: NORDEA HOUSE and Green Corner in Warsaw as well as Green Towers in Wrocław. As Waldemar Olbryk sums up, "Polish office market becomes more and more competitive, however, good buildings will find the interested leaseholders and investors, thus we are getting ready for launching new projects this year."

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