Unidevelopment will enter the stock exchange

The developer company Unidevelopment is planning to make its debut on the Stock Exchange in January 2014 at the latest.

The Unidevelopment comany is into residential and commercial real estate. It is known in the Warsaw market mainly for its plans to build a state-of-the-art office blok Wola House on the Prymasa Tysiąclecia Alley, whose commercialisation has recently begun. The building will offer over 22.000 m2 of office space and it is going to meet the requirements of the  BREAAM or LEED certification system. The company's realised investment is the modern office blok on 81 Grzybowska Street, offering nearly 10.000 m2 of office space, of which 9.000 m2  is to be occupied by offices.

The stable situation of the comany is illustrated by current reports, which indicate that within three quarters of 2012 Unidevelopment gained 76 mln PLN income from sales as well as 11.9 mln PLN of net profit. The company is planning further expansion in the commercial real estate sector, where it is going to invest in safe and well calculated projects.

The company management decided to make its debut on the Stock Exchange in January 2014 at the latest. In the near future,  Unidevelopment is going to be transformed into a joint-stock company.

Unidevelopment is a part of Grupa Unibep S.A. (Unibep Group JSC), listed on the Sotck Exchange, which is active in the construction sector. The companies cooperate on general contracting of Unidevelopment's projects. The latter belongs to Polish Union of Development Companies and Polish Green Building Council. It was also awarded the Developer's Certificate by Polish Construction Employers' Association, which confirms reliability as well as economic and financial stability.

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