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New investment in Wola

In Wola, a district of Warsaw, Unidevelopment sets out to develop another office building - Wola House.

In the district of Warsaw Unidevelopment sets out to develop another office building. On December 16 the investor entered into a preliminary conditional contract concerning the purchase of the special purpose vehicle Wola House which will be developing the office building. Unidevelopment already obtained building regulation approval for the project.

According to the project the construction will be composed of three cuboid buildings connected as to form the letter H lying flat. The front walls of the building will be at an 83 degrees angle to the ground and two smaller glass constructions will be built adjacent to the slanting walls. The total space of the building at Al. Prymasa Tysiąclecia will amount to 34 th sq m. Over 19 th sq m of the space is earmarked for open-space offices.

According to the notarial act the sales transaction of the SPV depends on whether a level of commercialization specified in the contract is reached. Unidevelopment will only purchase Wola House if it gets sufficient attention from potential partners. Should that not be the case Unidevelopment may withdraw from the contract.

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