Four thousand new jobs in the zones?

Upcoming investments in the special economic zones could generate up to 4 thousand new jobs.

A round of talks is being held on nine big new investments within the Special Economic Zones in Poland. Their implementation could generate up to 4.000 new jobs. The decision is closely connected to the possibility of the prolongation of the zones's functioning to 2026, on which count the investors and SEZ representatives.

In our opinion, the zones should function for as long as possible, unless we come up with an equally dynamic and unfailing way of supporting entrepreneurs. 2026 is the minimal time period for the zones to attract desirable investors – says Teresa Kamińska, president of the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone. She also underscores the fact that the prolongation of the zones guarantees investors' interest in various projects. – It is true that those who planned large investments are holding back their decisions because they will not be able to collect the due public aid by 2020. In the economic zones, you can only collect the aid when you earn income – said the president during the 20th Economic Forum in Toruń.

In the economic zones, the investors are guaranteed tax exemption and tax relief as well as the access to their infrastructure. Income tax deduction, which is the main benefit of entering the SEZ, is possible only after the commencement of production and earning income.
The investments which are the subject of the talks could be worth ca. 1 million PLN and they will initially generate 4.00 new jobs.

Special Economic Zones are meant both for large and small or medium enterprises. Bridgestone, Flextronics, La Farge or Mondi are the most famous ones, but they constitute a small percent of all enterprises. But these large companies establish cooperation with smaller ones, which can consequently develop technologically and gain importance, which is our objective – comments Teresa Kamińska.

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