A year of changes for the Special Economic Zones is coming

This year will be the year of changes for the special economic zones. They are to significantly increase their attractiveness.

The goal of 2014 is to attract investors to SEZes, not only thanks to the infrastructure and preferential treatment, but also faculty and technology parks. A special platform will be launched, whose aim will be to facilitate cooperation between investors from different zones across the country. What is more, the zones will also engage in improving the situation of vocational schools.


This year, the negotiations about one of the most important investments in Poland are in progress. There are various press reports, but I would not like to use the name of the company yet, announces Teresa Kamińska, the President of the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone. She also says that 2014 will be crucial for the zones, not only because of the large investments, but also because of the coming changes.


There is a new financial perspective, there is also a new character of the zones. These are not zones which only prepare the land, infrastructure and provide services for investors. These are zones which also have science and technology parks, and in this way offer research and development centres, says Teresa Kamińska.


SEZes aim at making better use of the potential of scientists, technology parks, and at improving vocational education. These actions are meant to attract new investors, who will enable the zones to become centres of new technologies. As we know, vocational and technical education is a problem. At the moment, the zones are very heavily engaged in flexible vocational education. Within the frames of EU programmes, as well as the zone programmes, every investor will be able to educate his future staff, adapted to his needs, explains Teresa Kamińska. Secondly, it is a matter of science and technology parks, and so the possibility of acquiring faculty - both scientists and engineers - for research at very preferential rates.


What is more, the zones want to encourage investors to cooperate within the frames of varied sectors. For example, the Pomeranian SEZ is meant to be the initiator and co-creator of the following clusters: agricultural and food industry, shipbuilding and mechanical. Thanks to it, the zone would become the intermediary between investors, helping them to find customers, subcontractors and technology. To this end, a special, nationwide platform is being prepared.

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