The Stadium will earn money on offices

The Ministry of Sport and Tourism estimates that the National Stadium in Warsaw will start making profit in 2015 at the latest.

According to the estimations of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, the National Stadium may report positive earnings as early as in 2014, or in 2015 at the latest. The building's greatest potential lies in the office space to lease. This year, the government will have to allot ca. 20 million PLN for the stadium, although the figure may still change.

The figure may eventually be lower or higher because of the Conference of the Parties. We still have to remodel and change the financial plans, as it is possible that this event will ring about completely different cash flows – says Joanna Mucha, the minister of sport and tourism.

In November 2013, Poland will host the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 19), which will take place in Warsaw.

The minister of sport underscores the fact that there is no reason for any concerns about the functioning of the National Stadium. The Ministry has prepared a detailed business plan for 2013, and it is working on the one for 2014.

The stadium is not only a sport complex, but also a giant office building, designed in the way that the commercial section earns for the sport one. I am positive that it will start reporting positive earnings. It may be sooner or later, i.e. in 2014 or 2015, but it will certainly happen – comments Joanna Mucha.

The building's revenues must cover the monitoring system and repair works. The minister observes that complex systems are installed in the stadium, requiring occasional minor repairs.

Each system needs constant monitoring, and minor changes or repairs are inevitable. The point is that they should be made on a regular basis, according to all the instructions of the producer, so that perfect safety is guaranteed – explains Joanna Mucha. Despite these expenses, the Ministery estimates that the National Staium will start making profit.

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