Erbud. Another Contract in Germany

GWI GmbH subsidiary company od Erbud, Inc has signed an agreement on the office building construciton in Düsseldorf.

Subsidiary company Erbud, Inc, GWI GmbH, signed an agreement on a turnkey construction, the office facility in Düsseldorf in Germany. The agreement has been contracted on total net amount of 11.85 million euro and it will be finalized by the end of April of 2014. 


The office complex, Oberkasseler Top (Silizium) will offer 8 104 sqm on five stories. Lessees will be able to use the parking spaces located in the underground garage of the facility.


The investor of this project is Projekt Oberkasseler Top GmbH, with the headquarter in Düsseldorf .


Erbud Group, which owns 85 per cent of shares is GWI GmbH, is engaged in the activities in the construction field. The company provides services in building construction, utilities, traffic engineering and energy. Erbud operates in Poland and other European countries. Its portfolio amounts to 194 million zł.


On the market of Polish office properties, the biggest investment of Erbud is Euro-Centrum in Warsaw, which net value amounts 337.7 million zł. Erbud Group, Inc is also linked to office projects such as, 1st stage Office Park Łopuszańska in Warsaw, the office building of BAYER company in Warsaw and Innopolis in Wrocław, Delta and Omega office buildings. 

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