PRIME Corporate Center – New Name of the Office Building at Grzybowska in Warsaw

Golub GetHouse has changed the name of its new project – from Grzybowska Corporate Center into PRIME Corporate Center

PRIME Corporate Center reflects a concept, which we had in mind when we designed the building. PRIME is a quintessence of everlasting stylishness and elegance, paying attention to details and reliability, which will neither disappear with time nor changing trends and fashion. This is the continuation of out tradition of high quality creation, balanced projects, which are work comfort friendly. We had similar idea on our minds when we were realizing earlier investments such as Warsaw Financial Center or International Business Center. PRIME is also distinguished by thoughtful, flexible in designing, functional and efficient stories surface set-up, which fulfill needs of the most demanding lessee, today, tomorrow and in few years, says Czarek Jarząbek, Director and Partner of Golub GetHouse.

The office building will be constructed at 78 Grzybowska Street and will be offering 20 109 sqm of the class A surface. The facility will have 83 meters of height, 23 stories, and 5 underground stories, where there will be 193 parking spaces.

Being and creating as PRIME is like capturing the everlasting ideas. Creating communication we emphasize the originality and stylishness. Our concept does not compromise. Owning a PRIME office will be meaningful. Says Andrzej J. Horoch, Managing Partner, Strategy and Creation WORKROOM Director, the agency which is responsible for full marketing strategy PRIME.

PRIME Corporate Center is optimal but not ordinary. PRIME does not overwhelm, overawe, does not ridicule, does not make anonymous. That means, you are not one of thousands of people in huge, crowded office building. PRIME offers visibility and recognition, gives credibility of well-run business. Makes a business elegant, reliable, durable and stable, claims Czarek Jarząbek.

Savills company is responsible for the facility commercialization. Construction works will begin the middle of 2013 and will last for about 22 months. PRIME Corporate Center will adhere to BREEM regulations. 


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