Colliers i JLLS Will Commercialize Poleczki Business Park

UBM i CA IMMO has chosen Colliers International i Jones Lang LaSalle, to lease the spaces in the office and service complex in Poleczki Business Park in Warsaw.

The investment will come to life as a result of UMB and CAIMMO cooperation till 2017. The project predicts the establishment of 15 office and service buildings, including the parking lots. The complex will offer about 210 000 sqm and 1 000 parking spaces, which means that, it will be the biggest business center in the Middle Europe.

The first phase of the project, which included two building of 45 000 sqm, was finished in 2010. On the beginning of 2011, the construction of the second phase has started. Within that phase, two building of join space of 21 000 sqm were built. At present, the business and exhibition space of 7 000 sqm, on the ground floor, is under construction.

Poleczki Business Park is an offer for very demanding clients, who are looking for a modern office space in a complex that has access to various services. The first phase has been completely commercialized, the second has reached the level of commercialization. We are counting on a similar interest of the subsequent phases of the project, says Rudolf Grossmayer, the Board Member of Poleczki Business Park.

The Poleczki Business Park Compex adhears to the ecological certification system, LEED. The building during the second pahase of construction has been awarded with the LEED certificate in Core&Shell category, at gold level.

Poleczki Business Park project is one of the most interesting investments on the south of Warsaw. This is an excellent place as for a headquarter of the company, as an office facility. We are proud of the space commercialization in the biggest business center in Poland, states Marcin Sabowicz, Senior Associate in Office Surface Section of Colliers International.

Architectural project of the complex was designed by RKW Polska, currently the architectural design is provided by the architects from UBM Polska.

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