The Opening of PGE GiEK's New Premises

The new premises of PGE GiEK in Bełchatów.
The new premises of PGE GiEK in Bełchatów.
On 8 may, the opening of PGE GiEK's new premises took place in Bełchatów.

The new office block offering its premises to PGE GiEK JSC is situated at No. 5 Węglowa street in Bełchatów. The opening took place on 8 May, attracting many guests, among whom there were: MPs Elżbieta Radziszewska and Dariusz Seliga; Jolanta Chełmińska, governor of the Łódź Region; Witold Stępień, Marshall of the Łódź Region; Marek Chrzanowski, mayer of Bełchatów, and Szczepan Chrzęst, county administrator. During the ceremony, Łódź Metropolitan Bishop Marek Jędraszewski blessed the building with the figures of saint patrons decorating the front hall: St. Maksymilian Maria Kolbe and St. Barbara.

The office building offers 6,652.1 sq m of net space on six storeys, including an underground one, which holds a parking lot as well as technical premises. The ground floor is adapted for a representative entrance hall, which the storeys 1-4 house offices. There will be also an exterior parking lot for the tenants, with 248 parking places for passenger cars. The office block is surrounded by low buildings. There are security cameras and the building is monitored. It was designed by the architects from FAAB studio. The net cost of construction was 52.5 m PLN.

PGE GiEK (PGE Górnictwo i Energetyka Konwencjonalna) belongs to the Polish Energy Group (Polska Grupa Energetyczna). The company operates within the sector of brown coal extraction and the generation of electricity. PGE generates 78% of total coal extraction in Poland. The company supplies 40% of electricity in the country.

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