LEDs And Lighting Control Systems Ensure Up To 70% Energy Savings

Philips, in conjunction with Skanska Property Poland, conducted a research on LED technology and modern digital control systems.

The research conducted by Philips, in conjunction with Skanska Property Poland, took one year to complete. The results show that LEDs and modern digital control systems are a money saving solution for lighting buildings, which help to save up to 69.8% energy. These data are of great importance for the investors executing commercial investment projects.

Skanska Property Poland is a developer of green office buildings. Therefore, we consider each and every element influencing buildings' parameters very important. Thanks to the experiment conducted in Philips laboratory in Kętrzyn we will be able to demonstrate to our clients specific examples showing how much energy can be saved depending on the choice of lighting. The research confirms that LEDs combined with intelligent lighting systems reduce the costs of building maintenance and use. - said Katarzyna Zawodna, Regional Director at Skanska Property Poland.

During the experiment, a team of experts worked out lighting projects for three chosen standard offices. In each of them, the kind of lighting and its parameters, as well as the intensity of simulated work were exactly the same. The only difference was in the choice of lighting solutions used with the consideration of prevailing standards. In the first room installed were traditional lighting sets dedicated to offices; in the second one – the same sets, along with lighting control system. In the last room the researchers installed LED lighting and lighting control system.

We used Philips PowerBalance, which are based on the LED technology available for offices, with the control system Philips Dynalite. Together, they help save up to 70% energy in comparison to traditional lighting systems. Moreover, it turned out that a control system alone reduces energy consumption by 48%. - explains Agnieszka Operhalska, Sales Manager, Office, Industry and Hospitals at Philips Lighting.
Energy saving depends on factors such as the size of windows, the location of working stations and the building, and the season.

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