The construction of Balluff's seat begins

Balluff's Centrum Inżynieryjno-Aplikacyjne
Centrum is constructed at Graniczna Street in Wrocław
On the 20th May the foundation stone was laid under Centrum Inżynieryjno-Aplikacyjne of Balluff company in Wrocław.

The construction of Centrum Inżynieryjno-Aplikacyjne for Balluff, a company from industrial automation sector, has begun at Graniczna Street in Wrocław. There will be representative and training rooms for clients and application laboratory on the ground floor, along with office and administration part on the first floor.

The ceremony of laying the foundation stone took place on the 20th May and among its participants were i.a. Florian Hermle, the owner of Balluff GmbG, Paweł Stefańśki, the President of Balluff Sp. z o.o., Damian Kosarewicz, the President of PM Holding, which is the project's contractor, along with representatives of partnership firms and representatives of the enterprises's employees. 

Polish company is a very important part of the international group, since the market in this part of Europe is of huge significance for Balluff. A convenient location between the East and the West, the proximity to several national investments and big commitment of Polish staff determined building Centrum Inżynieryjno-Aplikacyjne precisely in Wrocław. Thus the investment fits into the global view of the company to gain a position of world leader in the field of comprehensive solutions due to innovative methods of automation – says Florian Hermle, the owner of Balluff GmbH.

The construction's completion is scheduled on the six-month period from the moment od laying the foundation stone. Balluff will move in to its new seat in Spring 2014.

We are easily recognised on the market as the components supplier. We also develop and deliver more advanced products, supporting the processes of modern production and logistics systems. Currently, they are the central part of our development strategy. So as to supply innovative products, appropriate engineering knowledge and ability to put designed solutions in practice, that is their application, are necesessary – informs Paweł Stefański, the President of Balluff Sp. z o.o.

The total space of the building will amount to almost 800 m2, out of which the training and application part will take more than 200 m2.

Damian Kosarewicz, the President of PM Holding, the project's contractor, says – The implementation of Centrum Inżynieryjno-Aplikacyjne will be a really interesting challenge, since the building may serve as a model solution of modern company seat, which in an appropriate way takes into account the market's expectations and adapts the way and style of company's life – Proper care of details, well thought-out space arrangement, a distinct division into friendly conceptual space for clients and its logical combining with the office part, energy-saving solutions applied and environment-friendly materials emphasise the fact that Balluff is an innovative company.

While planning the investment, we have naturally assumed that functionality shapes the form, and a friendly environment facilitates creative work. It can be said that our activities concerning the construction of the new seat serve one aim, that is creating value added for clients. We want our clients to leave us enriched with a series of values: knowledge, new skills and certainty that they have found answers to their current questions and received support from experts – remarks Paweł Stefański.

The investment is worth PLN 6 million.

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