ECO Topping out Łużycka Plus

At the end of May there was the ceremony of topping out Łużycka Plus office building, implemented by Allcon Investment company in Gdynia.

The ceremony of topping out Łużycka Plus, an office building constructed at Łużycka street 3 in Gdynia, took place on 29th May 2013. The general contractor is Allcon Budownictwo company, and the developer – Allcon Investment.

The project is a 6-storeyed class A+ building, which participates in the process of BREEAM certification. It is also included in the first Obiekt Bez Barier certification in Poland.

The ground floor was designated for a hallway with reception, technical and auxiliary rooms, along with office-and-service rooms. Occupants will have at their disposal a two-level underground garage with 116 parking places. Technical rooms were also designed under the building. Access to the underground parking lot will be provided by a ramp, located from the south-east side. Additionally, 51 parking places are planned on over-ground parking lot. The structure will altogether offer the space of 11 768 m2. 

The building will be characterised by an elevation with varying extent of glazing, which is to provide appropriate lighting in office rooms. The design includes also a building envelope system with variable extent of glazing with openable windows, characterized by the highest level of thermal and acoustic insulating power. The building will be equipped with modern elevators with a system optimizing electric energy consumption. There will also be energy-saving sources in the system of intelligent facilities controlling LED lighting and air-conditioning system with free-cooling and steam humidification system.

The construction has begun at the end of the year 2012, and its completion is scheduled on the end of March 2014.

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