ECO The most "green" office building in Central-East Europe is constructed in Warsaw

Atrium 1 office building in Warsaw
Atrium 1 office building in Warsaw
Atrium 1 office building, implemented in Warsaw by Skanska, will be the most ecological office building in Poland and Central-East Europe.

The ecological aspect of the constructed office building is clearly visible in savings. The investor, Skanska company, emphasises that tenants will be able to save annually even PLN 80 000 per each 1 thousand sqm.

We have decreased energy consumption by 55 per cent, drinking water consumption by 70 per cent, until completion of the construction we will have recycled at least 85 per cent of waste – says Devin Saylor, Director for Sustainable Development, Skanska Commercial Development Europe.

Currently, finishing works of raw state are in progress. The first tenants will be able to move in Atrium 1 at the end of 2013 or in the beginning of 2014. The office buidling will be also occupied by Skanska.

Savings are not the only profit derived by tenants from that "green" office building.

The research shows that building's occupants are the biggest beneficiaries of green technologies. The companies spend 65-80 per cent of their operating costs on remunerations and benefits for their employees, so even 1-per cent increase in productivity of occupants and decreased number of days for sick-leaves are really advantageous for tenants – emphasises Devin Saylor.

The solutions applied in the building are based on technologies from Sweden, the country of investor's origin. The structure is equipped among others with photovoltaic panels (that is solar panels) and free-cooling technology, which means using outside temperature to cool water and air.

Atrium 1 will be the most green building in Poland, and even in the whole Central-East Europe – summarises Devin Saylor.

Skanska aims at the so-called net zero production, which means i.a. total waste and water recycling, along with using energy entirely coming from renewable resources.

Currently, the developer works in Poland on seven office complexes. In all of them environment-friendly solutions were used.

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