ECO Innovative solutions in Business Garden Poznań

Waste containers prepared on Business Garden Poznań construction site
Special containers for various waste fractions
Stena Recycling has used an innovative solution in waste management in Business Garden Poznań complex.

An office complex Business Garden Poznań, carried out by SwedeCenter, has been awarded with LEED pre-certification on Gold level, which proves pro-ecologality of the project. During construction, Stena Recycling company has applied innovative solutions in waste management. The aim is to obtain minimum 75 per cent recycling of materials from the waste created in the construction site.

The company, which deals with waste management, has implemented a sorting and recycling system in the works area. Stena Recycling created internal recycling station, comprised of several containers, prepared for reception of 14 various fractions, such as rubble, mineral wool, foil, soil and hazardous waste. On the whole construction site, in the vicinity of social rooms, special containers for paper, metal and plastic were disposed, and the so-called Multisort, that is office waste segregation system, was applied. To make every operation go smoothly, logistics is supervised by the so-called Coordinators for Waste, that is Stena Recycling's workers and people appointed by the general contractor (PORR company) and subcontractors.

Strategically planned waste management is an important aspect of modern approach to building and real estate sector. Through appropriate solutions, including workers' trainings and logistics, adjusted to the needs of particular investment phases, the amount of mixed waste can be decreased, and the level of materials recycled, and what follows – costs, can be increased. In addition, a well-planned and organised construction site allows to provide appropriate level of workers' safety and inluences work efficiency. As the research shows, an average worker has to spend on the avarage 20 minutes daily on waste management, whereas appropriate optimisation operations of Stena Recycling are sufficient to make this process proceed without problems and do not consume so much precious time – comments Robert Sabelström, the Managing Director, Stena Recycling.

In addition, the company organises trainings for employees about appropriate waste management, whereas cards with curiosties concerning recycling have been placed in the construction site.

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