Building works blockade

The realization of an 8 storey high office building has been blocked by a cycle lane.

Ceraco development company wanted to build an office building between Polna st. and Warynskiego st. however the project has been blocked by an institution responsible for infrastructure due to a cycle lane planned in the place of the building. – as we read in ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’

According to the plans of the City Council, demolishing one of the old tenement house and constructing a taller office building instead is permitted. The architects from Bartlomiej Bielyszewa’s company have come up with a solution – a building with rounded corners would have deep arcades from the side of Warynskiego street, stretching high above the pavement and reaching further that those from the current plan.

Without moving the building the project would not be functional. To increase the space inside the building, Ceraco has to buy a parcel that belongs to City Council. The investor has already offered to buy this parcel, which is too small for independent construction anyway. The clerks however have come up with a different solution – they started planning a cycle lane along Warynskiego st. Despite the fact that the investor does not want to block their idea and build certain parts of his investment above the cycle lane, the City Council delays giving a response.

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