ECO Flanders Business Park gets BREEAM certificate

Flanders Business Park compex in Warszawa
Flanders Business Park compex in Warszawa
Buildings C, D and E in Flanders Business Park complex in Warszawa have been awarded BREEAM Interim certificate.

Flanders Business Park, which is being built in Warszawa, has obtained BREEAM Interim certificate awarded at a stage of construction. The project received Very Good score.

The complex is located at the junction of Łopuszańska Street and Flisa Street. Buildings A and B, that is the first stage of the project, have been commissioned to use already. Tenant list includes: Urząd Lotnictwa Cywilnego (Civil Aviation Office), ISS Facility Services, IFS CEE, Edelman, Hay Group and Wild Flavors. The second stage covers construction of another three buildings – C, B and E. Altogether the complex will provide 36 000 square meters of space.

The new buildings will be constructed in accordance with the requirements of British BREEAM certificate. Employed solutions will be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Consequently, Flanders Business Park is going to be one of the most energy saving and eco-friendly buildings in Warszawa.

The complex will use, among other things, heating and cooling systems to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,  minimise energy consumption, and distribute warmth or coolness evenly. According to the project, the façades will be adjusted regarding the cardinal points. There will be energy efficient elevators, and the outdoor illumination will be reduced at night. This is to reduce energy consumption by 50% compared to traditional buildings. Solutions employed in bathrooms, such as contactless hygiene systems and dual-flush systems will reduce water usage by 40%. Each tenant will have individual heat, energy and water meters which will allow companies to control their consumption. Waste segregation system was not forgotten either. Described solutions will reduce operating costs by 50%.

The complex was designed by Arcade Polska studio. Liebrecht & wooD is the investor. Ground works in building C have been completed in August.

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