International company is opening Service Centre in Gdańsk

Panorama of Gdańsk
Panorama of Gdańsk
Kemira, a company form Finland, is opening a Business Service Centre in Gdańsk, thus creating new job places.

Kemira is a global chemicals company. The company's Business Service Centre was created in Gdańsk. Nearly 200 people will be employed there in the next months.

Kemira conducts activities related to improving water quality and increasing the efficiency of its use, primarily in water-intensive industries. The company specializes in paper, oil, gas, and mining industry. Kemira manages also the quality of water in cities. Currently the company operates in 40 countries and employs over 5000 people. The company’s annual turnover exceeds 2 billion euro. Kemira shares are listed on the NASDAQ OMX.

Opening the Business Service Centre in Gdańsk is another evidence of the development of this sector in Poland. We believe that  everyone will benefit from the presence of high-quality specialists. We will create in Gdańsk a team which will influence the functioning of the international company within its strategies –says Arek Rochowczyk, Project Manager, Poland.

Gdańsk was chosen for the seat of the company because it provides office infrastructure at an attractive price as well as qualified employees. The team will support  business within four main areas: customer service, commissions, accounting and finances, and IT. Kemira originated in  Scandinavia which guarantees the highest work standards. At the same time it is an exciting challenge for people who enjoy co-creating new, just developing projects - says Arek Rochowczyk.

Kemira hopes that the project in Gdańsk will bring notable benefits amounting to 10 million euro, related to cost optimisation and creating one central team supporting the business.  

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