ECO Okrąglak awarded

Okrąglak in Poznań won the Giovanni Battista di Quadro Award for the best architectural project in the city.

The Giovanni Battista di Quadro Award has been awarded since 1999 by the City of Poznań for the best architectural projects in the city. The name of the award comes from a renaissance architect of the City of Poznań -  Giovanni Battista di Quadro who created, among other things, the City Hall in Poznań.

Okrąglak department store was awarded the prize in 2006 as the most beautiful building in the city created in the second half of the 20th century. The author of the project, Marek Leykam, was posthumously awarded the Złoty Quadro (Golden Quadro). The original award was handed to the architect's son.

Okrąglak was opened in 1954 and lately underwent an overhaul and retrofit conducted by Immobel Poland company - the new owner of the building. Okrąglak has become a modern, environmentally friendly office building with many technological improvements and sustainable solutions. The building was modernized according to the requirements of BREEAM certificate.

In total the building provides 7000 square meters of space out of which 6000sq.m. is occupied by office space and 820 sq.m. by commercial space. The retrofit works have been completed in September 2012.

The representatives of the developer accepted the statue from Jerzy Stępień, Deputy Mayor of the City of Poznań. The citizens of Poznań find Okrąglak to be one of the most important buildings in the city. Therefore we are happy that the new owner, Immobel Poland, returned the building to Poznań so succesfully - said Deputy Mayor of the City of Poznań.

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