A developed island in Gdańsk

Initial conception of a northern headland's development
View at quayside of the Granary Island from marina at Szafarnia Street
The Immobel and Multibud Consortium obtained a consent for development of a northern part of the Granary Island in Gdańsk.

The Granary Island was destroyed during the war and it remained undeveloped through a long period of time. However, the southern part of it has recently been renovated and developed. The northern headland, in turn, has been always difficult to develop and this part of the Island on the Motława river has not been changed since the war. In 2014, the City of Gdańsk succeeded in announcing the proceeding concerning the conclusion of the contract of public-private partnership in order to realize the „Development of the northern headland of the Granary Island in Gdańsk” project. The choice of the offer of the Immobel and Multibud Consortium officially ended the proceeding. The signing of the realization contract is planned on the last day of March this year and then the design works are going to start.


Richer in experience from previous competitions, we managed to design a multifunctional development in cooperation with our consortium partner and with the participation of the RKW architectural studio. The New Granary Island offers apartments, hotel, shops, restaurants, service premises, boutique offices and underground garages located under almost the whole area. In our opinion, this place should be vibrant with life and provide great conditions to work, recreation and living. Our design certainly guarantees these expectations – said Bartłomiej Hofman, Manging Director in Immobel Poland.


The historical structures are located in the northern part of the Island – these are remaining after historical granaries. The architectural project envisages a harmonious combination of an old development with a new one. The investment is planned on several stages and it will coincide with a number of public investments related to the renovation of the road infrastructure, reconstruction of Stągiewski Bridge for a drawbridge, development of marina or building of a footbridge connecting the Island with Długie Pobrzeże. The total cost of the works will amount to ca. 400 million zlotys.


Immobel – a developer company with over 150-year tradition. The partnership is active on the Belgian and Luxembourgian markets. Moreover, it has been also present on the Polish market under the IMMOBEL POLAND brand since 2011.


Multibud W. Ciurzyński SA – an entrepreneurship which gathers professionals responsible for i.a. realization of Warsaw Puławska Financial Center, the Marina Mokotów housing estate, the Nowy Wilanów residential complex, Sopocka Rezydencja and the Neptun Park housing estate in Gdańsk Jelitków district.


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