Marvipol presents Dworzec Gdański redevelopment project – there will be offices

Warszawa Gdańska, JSK Architekci architectural design
On 23 August 2013 Marvipol Corporate Group received form PKP SA. company a development project of Dworzec Gdański in Warszawa and its surroundings.

The architectural design has been developed by JSK Architekci, architect Tomasz Smol and Towarzystwo Projektowe under the supervision of Jerzy Porębski and Grzegorz Niwiński. A team of experts developed a project which covers renovation of the whole quarter of Warszawa around Dworzec Gdański. The project includes renovation of the railway station and constructing new buildings of various purposes. The project provides that there will be new residential, office and catering facilities erected on the PKP plot as well as other elements of the development plan which will perform recreational functions. The implementation of all the tasks specified in the work schedule will allow for the integration of the Polish railways with technical infrastructure of means of communication: bus and tram stops, metro line and Veturilo bike rental system. The cost of the project is initially estimated at about 1 billion PLN.

The project involves rearranging the interior of the railway station is such a way which will increase the attractiveness of the whole complex. Directly in the operational hall the visitors will enjoy service points including among other things shops, kiosks and restaurants. An important organizational solution used by the contractor is employing the method formulated by Arseniusz Romanowicz based on avoiding departure and arrival passages crosses and the possibility to skip the main hall of the station.

The new architectural design is based on projects of post-war modernism according to which in the 1960s and 1970s stations Warszawa Ochota, Warszawa Powiśle, Warszawa Wschodnia and Warszawa Centralna were built.

We are confident that in the surroundings of Dworzec Gdański there is room for public space, crucial for establishing the identity of the residents of the neighbouring districts and the ehole city, and the railway station building will perform the function of a guidepost and the most-widely recognized element of this region of Warszawa urban landscape. For the residents of the neighbouring districts the railway station may be a place of meetings like Rotunda Banku PKO BP at Dmowskiego Roundabout for the residents of the whole city. We believe that the recognizable and distinctive character of the architecture we proposed will impact the creation of the positive image of Warszawa. It will also increase the attractiveness of public transport reducing traffic in Śródmieście – says Maciej Gnoński, Board Consultant at Marvipol SA.

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