GreenWings Offices topping out ceremony – pictures from the construction site

South eastern side of GreenWings Offices
An important stage of GreenWings Offices office building construction works has been completed – on 28 August 2013 its open shell has been finished. There was traditional topping out ceremony.

Besides, there is a number of works which are currently being conducted in the building: installation works in garages and on each storey are at an advanced stage. Facade works and installing window hardware are at the initial stage. So called raised floor will be installed in the near future.

All architectural concrete elements have been completed. Exterior blinds, designed by JEMS Architekci studio, passed the durability tests in a specialist wind tunnel of the Kraków University of Technology. What is interesting, this method of testing construction elements is unique in Poland as there is no history of testing facades in wind tunnels in the country. Yet, this modern solution is frequently used in the West.

Topping out GreenWings Offices is one of the most important milestones of the project which is impatiently awaited by the business community. Construction works are on schedule and the building will be completed in February 2013, it will be commissioned to use two months later. The office building enjoys great interest thanks to its rare modernity and energy efficiency. Today those parameters matter to every tenant – says Ronnie Richardson, president of OKRE Development's management board.

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