ECO GreenWings Offices turns up trumps

GreenWings Offices
GreenWings Offices
The GreenWings Offices partnership received the BREEAM certificate for an office located at 17 Stycznia 48 Street in Warsaw. The structure obtained 5.

GreenWings Offices has already had an initial certificate (so called Interim which is granted on the basis of a project) with a „very good” grade. At present, it has been confirmed and – what is more – it received higher amount of points than it was expected. The obtainment of higher ranking resulted particularly from a complex monitoring, so called post-construction stage in which the project solutions settled earlier as well as the way of conducting a construction site are controlled .


The body which certified the office was Grontmij Poland. In a situation when we compare other offices of a three-star category, some factors of GreenWings need to be emphasized, for instance very well conducted construction site and practices applied by OKRE Development, very good access of the workplaces in the office to a daylight thanks to a beneficial solid of the building and no shading by adjacent buildings as well as solutions for bicyclists – stands, changing-rooms with lockers and showers – comments assessor certifying with Grontmij Poland Dr Eng. Marcin Gawroński.  


GreenWings Offices received a building permit in May 2014. The structure is located at 17 Stycznia 48 Street in close proximity to Warsaw Chopin Airport and it offers 10 850 sq. m of office area on seven tiers and modern areas of a conference hall. The list of tenants in the building includes such companies as ADH-Soft, Fossil, Horizon New Media, PM Sport or Rawaki.


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