ECO Raw state of Garden Plaza has been finished.

Garden Plaza on Warsaw's Żoliborz
The construction is due to be completed by second quarter of 2014
The first green office building on Warsaw’s Żoliborz materializes quickly as works on raw open state have been finished.

Works on construction of Garden Plaza office building located by Elbląska St are entering a new phase. The so called raw open state has been completed and in September works on roof of the building will begin. First leaseholders will move in in the second quarter of 2014.

The property developer of Garden Plaza, first green office building on Warsaw’s Żoliborz, is SGB Fortune MA. General contractor is FB Antczak. The works are going as planned: the last floor of the building has been finished and now, the builder is working on steel construction of technical level. Electric, sanitary and ventilation systems as well as carpentry of the building’s windows are currently being set in the building. In mid-September works on roof will commence.

Garden Plaza is the first office building in this region constructed in accordance with BREEAM certificate. The location will offer about 9000 msq of rentable space on all of its four levels and an underground parking lot. Close to the building canopied stations for cyclists are located.

When Warsaw is concerned, the leaseholders are more and more interested in locations which offer not only good location and communication, but which are also more tranquil and provide additional advantages, such as green surroundings of the object – claims Marcin Antczak, head of SGB Fortune MA. Żoliborz is a new location for leaseholders and, due to its huge potential, is again on target of investors. Recently, in close proximity with Powązkowa and Elbląska streets modern office locations, such as Garden Plaza, are being built. Commercial constructions are supplemented by rich housing apartments. Close to Garden Plaza many new housing estates are being created. A major advantage of the district is its balanced development caused by simultaneous construction of commercial and housing estates – ads Antczak.

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