Summing up of the building

Area for New Centre of Katowice was given over to a general contractor 12 months ago.

Polish State Railways gave over an area for building New Centre of Katowice exactly a year ago. 26 000 lorries with ground were carted away, substrucutre of the future railway station and Shopping Mall in Katowice were embeded. Construction of the executed complex whose crucial element is a fricative wall with a length of 900 metres, reached a level of ground.

Intensive works of designers creating a concept of interior arrangement of Shopping Mall are lasting. Medusagroup company linked the space of the shopping mall and a multi-functional communication link with the umbrella structures of the previous station. Fashion alley will be created under the reconstructed pillars of main hall of the railway station according to the plans, and shop fronts will refer to the history of the place.

On the pl. Szewczyka, next to the shopping mall and the railway station, underground bus station and developed infrastructure will be built. Execution of the whole investment will cost EUR 240 million.

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