New life of Wrocław Cuprum

Cuprum Square - initial visualization
The investment envisages a realization of two modern office and service structures
A demolition of the Cuprum office located in Wrocław is going to start in April. The structure will be replaced with a modern office and service complex.

A realization of the Cuprum Square project, which is going to be built in the center of Wrocław in place of an existing structure, will start in April. The investment envisages two modern office and service buildings. The project will be realized within the KGHM IV FIZAN fund managed by KGHM TFI. Moreover, a part of the investment will be realized in the joint venture formula with the participation of a professional developer.


The first stage of the Cuprum Square project envisages demolition of a present Cuprum building. It is going to last from April till July this year. Furthermore, the final architectural conception will be realized at this stage as well as all necessary activities aimed at receiving a building permit. The commencement of the second stage, that is building of the structure, will be depended on a date of receiving proper building permits. Moreover, the envisaged duration of the building concerns almost two years and the commission of the structures is planned on the second half of 2017 or on the first half of 2018.


The area on which the Cuprum Square is going to be realized is characterized by a perfect location in the center of Wrocław. The analyses concerning the possibilities of the best utilization of such interesting properties were conducted several years ago. At present, we are realizing a project through the KGHM IV FIZAN fund, thanks to which a modern office and service center is going to be built. It will be a major investment within our fund and also an important business point on the map of Wrocław – says Łukasz Chojnacki, Chairman of the Board in KGHM TFI S.A.


Two independent office and service buildings are going to be realized within the project: Building A with the area of over 10 000 sq. m and Building B with the area of over 20 000 sq. m. Both structures will have respectively 7 and 8 tiers performing office and service functions. The vast area of one of the buildings was designed as a conference hall. Moreover, an underground garage was also planned within the structure. It will be connected with the inside slip ramps. The conceptual project was devised by the Medusagroup architectural studio.


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