Administration Directors Meeting

Between 28 and 29 of November Administration Directors Forum will take place which will serve as a platform for discussion and exchange of experiences.

Administration Director takes care of efficient transition of information, effective management of company's assets and real estate and optimization of costs. This responsible station has a direct correlation with the company's financial outcome. On 28th and 29th November an event dedicated to those in charge of Administration will take place.

Administration Directors Forum allows one to listen to inspiring lectures, discuss the most problematic topics and take part in workshops and experts' tables.

During the conference, many issues, such as real estate management, optimization of car fleet management, purchases, logistics, management of cooperation with suppliers, forms circulation in the company and e-office will be addressed. Experts will also share their knowledge in terms of modern IT solutions in administration and CFM solutions, negotiations with suppliers, administrative costs optimization and cooperation of administration departments with other company's sectors.

One of the most important functions in any organization is conducted by Administration Director. Issues, such as efficient transition of information, effective management of company's assets and real estate and costs optimization which has a direct correlation on company's financial results, depend on his decisions and skills. The knowledge is best acquired on the basis of experiences of other practitioners and with the use of solutions of services providers – says Rafał Szary, Administration Directors Forum project manager. Administration Directors Forum which will take place on 28 – 29 November 2013 in Warsaw will be a perfect occasion to learn the vision and solutions used by the experts invited to the event. Issues discussed during the event, such as costs optimization in fleet management, management of real estate portfolio, purchasing strategy or outsourcing in various aspects of Administration Directors' work tell us much about the rank of the event. Feel free to join us! - he adds.    

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