Administration Directors Forum


City : Warszawa
Place :
Date : 28.11.2013 - 29.11.2013
Hour : 09:00 - 16:00
Status : closed
Administration Directors Forum

On the administration director's skills and decisions depends not only the good communication and effective distribution of properties and real estate, but also the optimization of costs. It has a direct influence on the company's financial results so it's one of the key functions in the organization.

On the Administration Directors Forum, which will take place on 28-29 November 2013 in Warsaw, the participants will be able to listen very interesting lectures, included in the discursive panel discussions on the most problematic topics and take part in workshops and experts tables.

Included in the project will be the issues from the optimization of costs in fleet management, managing of real estate portfolio, purchase strategies and outsourcing in various aspects of Administration Director's work.

Among the many speakers will be:

-Grzegorz Kowalik (Bre Bank) – the speaker will tell us about the role of Administration Director in modern organization and about methods of work organization, in order to manage and have the key function in the company;

-Andrzej Pudło (Fortum Power and Heat Poland) – the speech will be devoted to aspects concerning the effective cooperation with the real estate manager, effective methods of communication and supporting tools;

-Maciej Kryda (Sanofi Group) – the subject of the speech will be the safety policies in fleet of service cars management;

The functioning of every organization depends on many aspects. Learn how to effectively manage separate processes to have an influence on the improvement of your company's results.

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