Licence for use of Alchemia

The multi-functional complex located in Gdansk – Alchemia, has acquired the occupancy licence.

The first lessees are going to move into the complex in February 2014. Whereas, the recreation and sports centre located in Alchemia is going to be put into operation on the 2nd of January.


The occupancy licence for the complex located in Gdansk was issued on the 5th of December by the District Building Control Inspector. The reliability of the execution of all the works as well as preparation of the appropriate documentation made the reception procedures very smooth. Both fire brigade as well as the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station did not have any objections, which in case of so large buildings fulfilling various functions is not an easy task to achieve – commented Edyta Korycka, the Investment Planning Department Director in Torus – the developer of Alchemia.


The decision applies to the entire object. The first stage of the complex offers 16 700 sq. m. of the office space. The recreation and sport centre, which is going to be put into operation at the beginning of the next year, is going to accommodate on 4600 sq. m. among others: swimming pools, a gym, a fitness room and a climbing zone. The restaurant, with a day canteen offering four world-wide cuisines, is going to be opened in February. Currently 50 per cent of Alchemia’s surface has been leased, there are plans to rent 80 per cent of the building before the official commissioning scheduled for 2 January 2014. The second stage is going to provide the Tri-City market with almost 21 000 sq. m. of the office space as well as 2600 sq. m. of service area.


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