Three new companies will invest in Krakow Special Economic Zone

Can-Pack Food and Industrial Packaging, Can-Pack Metal Closures and SGL Lindner received business licences for Krakow SEZ.

The Board of Directors of the Krakow Technology Park (KPT) has issued three business licences to operate a business in the Krakow Special Economic Zone.


The first company, which will invest in the zone, is Can-Pack Food and Industrial Packaging, producer of metal packaging. The company will make its investment in Tarnów and it has committed itself to capital expenditures amounting to 32.5 million. In addition, the company will create 32 jobs.


Can-Pack Metal Closures, which will start production of crown seals (the so-called crown corks) and easy-open ends “CP-CAP” will also invest in Kraków Special Economic Zone. At the same time the processes of receiving, packaging and storing the ready-made products will be automated. Can-Pack Metal Closures will invest 40 million zloty and will employ at least 30 new employees. The investment will be located in Tarnów.


Can-Pack Food and Industrial Packaging and Can-Pack Metal Closures are parts of Can-Pack Group, which has been operating on the metal packaging market for over 20 years.


The last company which has received the licence is SGL Lindner, joint venture Lindner and SGL Carbon. The company plans to build a new production plant in Nowy Sącz. The aim of the company is to specialise in production of exfoliated graphite construction boards. The SGL Linder investment involves the expenditure amounting to 40 million zloty and 70 new jobs.


Since the very beginning, Krakow Technology Park has issued over 149 business licences which translate into creating over 16 000 jobs and expenses amounting to 2.3 billion zloty.

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