PHN wants to strengthen its standing on the market

Port Rybacki, the project of PHN in Gdynia
Port Rybacki, the project of PHN in Gdynia
Competition in the office real estate sector intensifies. For this reason, PHN also puts a lot of importance on warehouses and residential space.

Polski Holding Nieruchomości, a year after its debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, still strives for strengthening its standing in the commercial real estate sector. From the perspective of the past three years, when PHN was established and it was building its standing on the market, we can assess this time in a very positive way. We are an important player, whose brand is recognized. This is confirmed by the number of new projects that we have in our real estate holdings, says Paweł Laskowski-Fabisiewicz, the vice-president of the management board of Polski Holding Nieruchomości SA.


PHN is present mainly in three segments of the commercial real estate market: office, commercial and logistic ones. The revenues of the group are generated mainly by office space, responsible for over half of the GLA area in the real estate holdings of PHN. Commercial space constitutes 17 per cent, whereas the logistic ones - 22 per cent.


The office real estate segment becomes more and more demanding, mainly due to the high supply and pressure on rents. Investors present on this market have to make an extra effort to encourage new tenants and keep the current ones. One has to take into account the increase in square meters, which are supplied to the market. Currently, we need to offer more at the same price, that is, each new building, which will be supplied to the market, has to be better, more effective, more friendly to the tenants, explains Paweł Lakowski-Fabisiewicz.


Due to the increasingly demanding situation on the office market, PHN wants to focus more on investments in the logistic, warehouse and residential sectors. The portfolio of the group includes, among others, Segro Industrial Park in Wrocław - a logistics and production centre built in co-operation with the British developer. We have also signed the letter of intent with another recognised entity in the warehouse space segment. This project, in the vicinity of Warsaw, is what we want to jointly implement in the nearest future, says the vice-president of PHN.  


Within the frames of the residential segment, Polski Holding Nieruchomości implements, among others, the investment in the area of Molo Rybackie in Gdynia. In accordance with local zoning plan, at this site, there can be ca. 70 000 sq. m GLA of commercial space and ca. 120 000 sq. m of residential space. In February, the letter of intent with the company Dalmor was signed. We signed the letter of intent with the partner for the implementation of the first stage of the project in Gdynia. Due to the site development plan and the characteristics of the project itself, we plan to implement a residential project, but with service and office function. This project is a long-term one, calculated for the next 10-15 years, confirms Paweł Laskowski-Fabisiewicz.

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