The symbol of Fighting Poland on the office building

The Kotwica - INTRACO (2016)
The Kotwica - INTRACO (2016)
Tomorrow at nightfall, the emblem of Fighting Poland (the Kotwica) will appear on the office windows of INTRACO. In this symbolic way, PHN Capital Group will celebrate the anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising for the fourth time.

The symbol of Fighting Poland, that is a characteristic "anchor" (the Kotwica) will appear tomorrow at nightfall on the office windows of INTRACO, which belongs to PHN Capital Group. This identification mark of the Polish Underground State will be displayed by all lights in 72 windows on eight tiers between the 30th and the 37th floor of the Warsaw skyscraper.

The 73rd anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising is celebrated on 1 August. We bow to the great sacrifices of the insurrectionists during the fight for Poland and independence. We will never forget the heroism of the people who did not lose their hope for regaining independence and who fought with the German occupier to their last drop of blood. This symbolic gesture of lit lights which form the Kotwica on INTRACO is our tribute to those who fought and to those who were killed in action. The history of our company has been closely connected with Warsaw and Varsovians for over 50 years, therefore, we would like to celebrate the history of this heroic capital – says Maciej Jankiewicz, Chairman of the Board of Polski Holding Nieruchomości SA.

The tenants of INTRACO will also join this action. The list of the engaged companies includes: Operator Logistyczny Paliw Płynnych Sp. z o.o., Sasol Poland Sp. z o.o., Everest Investments S.A., Hoerbiger Polska Sp. z o.o., Marubeni Corporation S.A., Tax Chamber in Warsaw, Alora Sp. z o.o., JOCHYM Agency and Arminex Trading Sp. z o.o.

The Warsaw Uprising broke out on 1 August 1944. It was the biggest military action of the underground when Europe was by occupied by Germans. The Kotwica was commonly recognized during the World War II and it was a symbol of hope for regaining independence. One part of this emblem reminds the letter P which stands for Poland, whereas the arms formed in the letter W stand for fight or “anchor.”


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