The topping out ceremony in Promenady Zita

Promenady Zita in Wrocław
Promenady Zita in Wrocław
The office block Promenady Zita, a part of the complex Promenady Wrocławskie, has reached its maximum height.

On 10 April this year, the topping out ceremony at two stages of the complex Promenady Wrocławskie was held: in the second stage of the residential estate and in the office block Promenady Zita. This means that the highest point of the works related to the investment has been reached. The office block grew up to the maximum planned height: 18 metres.


Topping out ceremony is an important event both for the investor - the company Vantage Development, the general contractor of the entire project - the company Erbud, all employees of these companies and the future residents of the whole district. We are very pleased with the pace of the work, but above all with the quality which we manage to keep during the entire process of implementing this project, commented Edward Laufer, the president of Vantage Development.


Promenady Wrocławskie is a multi-functional complex, located 3 km away from the main market in Wrocław. Ultimately, the investment will consist of a residential part, offering almost 2000 apartments, and an office part, offering 90 000 sq. m of rentable area.


Promenady Zita, as well as the second stage of the residential building, will be put into use in the fourth quarter of 2014.

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