Offices instead of enormous shopping centre

First concept Metropolis shopping centre in Poznań, source
Metropolis shopping centre, source
Echo Investment partnership resigned from a realization of original concept, that is Metropolis shopping centre in Poznań, to the benefit of the office project.

In accordance with the original concept of the partnership, a commercially entertainment centre was supposed to be located at Hetmańska Street in Poznań with 191 000 sq. m of total area and over 73 300 sq. m of GLA. According to this concept, 250 shops, 2200 parking places, cinema with 9 halls, bowling alley and recreation area were supposed to wait for the guests. These assumptions, however, have changed.

At the moment, an office project with total area of 37 000 sq. m is being planned there. Its realization will be spread into three stagesinforms Wojciech Gepner, Public Relations Manager in Echo Investment S.A. The beginning of the first stage is expected on the first half of 2015, whereas the completion on 2020.

However, it does not mean that the concept of creating the commercial area has been completely abandoned. The decision on realization the commercial area will be depended on the development of the market situation – explains Wojciech Gepner. As it follows from the initial plans, a project with ca. 33 000 sq. m could be implemented there.

The office project, which is supposed to be originated at Hetmańska Street, is currently in a conceptual stage.

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