Construction in Poland is becoming safer

Increase of awareness among employers and functioning of the State Labour Inspectorate have an impact on the decline in the number of fatal accidents on construction sites.

The construction industry is the most risky branch in the industry, not only in Poland but also over the world. Fatal accidents are much more frequent than for example in the mining sector - notes Krzysztof Andrulewicz, President of Skanska. Fortunately, in recent years the number of deaths on construction sites is reduced. According to the Central Statistical Office, in the last year 70 workers died, in 2012 - 82, while in 2008 – 122. In the mining sector, which is generally recognized as the most dangerous branch of industry, in 2013 18 people died.


The State Labour Inspectorate emphasizes that despite the improving results, many companies, especially smaller ones, are not complied with safety standards. According to industry experts, to improve safety, it is necessary to exchange experiences between companies, as well as a change of mentality among employees and employers.


In 2010, eight of the largest general contractors in Poland, formed an Agreement for Construction Safety, based on the General Contractors Group in the UK. Together we are trying to change the level of safety in the construction industry. We have adopted the principle of total transparency, exchange experience and we want to develop common set of standards. We work with all business partners, we want this to our suppliers and subcontractors met with the same standards, regardless of which of the General Contractor they are working with - explains the President of Skanska.


The agreement gives the results: in 2013 on construction of eight signatories three employees were killed, which is three times less than in 2011. To further enhance safety, the companies plan to implement a training cycle, completed with the granting of the certificate. Employment in enterprises - signatory of the Agreement - will be able to search for people only with such a document. What's more, the companies declared that its subcontractors will also place high demands on hygiene and safety.


The actions can be divided into two parts. The first is a mentality and culture. It must be the assumption that everything we do, it has to be safe. We are trying to change that in the construction industry, which employs hundreds of thousands of people. Another aspect is an issue of certain standards, individual safety, a way of performing the work, the use of adequate safety when working at heights. These are the specific technical solutions - highlights Krzysztof Andrulewicz.


Not without signifiance financial issues. Less safety affects the increase in the number of accidents, and this - at a higher cost. If we have everything well planned, thought out and organized, then we work in a safe manner. The projects which are safe often have the best financial results - provides Krzysztof Andrulewicz.

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