New laboratory office building is emerging in the INNOPOLIS complex

The INNOPOLIS complex
Skanska company is the building contractor
Works at the construction of another building which belongs to Wroclaw Technology Park are being continued.

The completion of SIGMA office laboratory complex is planned at the end of a current year. It occurs within the framework of the “From the Wroclaw Technology Park to INNOPOLIS Wroclaw” project. Ferroconcrete, bricklaying works and steel constructions have been just completed. Additionally, some parts of installation inside the building as well as terminals enabling connection to urban network have been also finished. Inside and outside plasters are being applied on a current basis. The entrance to the building will lead from the main pedestrian precinct linking it with the DELTA structure.

SIGMA is 25 m high with 6 aboveground tiers. There is also a storage aboveground part in the building. On over 5000 sq. m of usable area, two laboratories covering 1000 sq. m will be situated. On office space, however, 2500 sq. m are intended. In the building, workplaces for 400 people are planned. Companies such as Newind and Pure Biologics have already announced a removal to SIGMA.

We are going to fully adjust finishing and equipment to the individual tenants’ needs. Common social rooms are in the central part of the building, but the structure’s characteristics allows to make additional rooms of this kind which will be intended to exclusive use of particular companies. However, we know from experience that the most important is the enshrinement of proper set power system and Internet installation. Companies deciding to occupy the area in SIGMA building will be able to participate in arranging of rooms’ setting – says Jacek Głowinkowski, Deputy Director for Investments in Wroclaw Technology Park.

Thanks to designing of divisions in two installation shafts, there is a possibility to carry water and plumbing. Floors, in turn, which are raised from first to third level, give the possibility of arranging the power system and teletechnical installations. Furthermore, frame ventilation system is prepared for distributing the air in accordance with windows’ division. It will be also possible that to concrete functional solution required by the tenant, the localization of ventilations and extracts may be adjusted.

Wroclaw Technology Park S.A. has been realizing the “From the Wroclaw Technology Park to INNOPOLIS Wroclaw” project since 2007. Total cost of the undertaking is 182, 73 mln zloty, whereas aggregate area of the complex is 34 000 sq. m. SIGMA is the fifth building – next to completed ALFA, DELTA, OMEGA and LAMBDA – which is a member of the INNOPOLIS Wroclaw complex. In all buildings, businessmen-residents will be able to ultimately locate ca. 1750 of their employees.


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