Too high crossbar for financiers?

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Nowadays a recruitment for financial positions is the growing challenge. Employers demand more and more from candidates for analysts, controllers or Chief Financial Officers (CFO).

Companies recruiting financiers expect not only a diploma of a good university, but also international certifications, ability to analyze, knowledge of the industry and different soft competences, i.a. communicational skills or experience in management. The range of responsibilities in companies is variously defined. Sometimes it considers a small team, and sometimes it is about a Chief Financial Officer position, that is CFO. Therefore, such person may be responsible for finances in many countries. Certainly, he must be an ambitious and dynamic leader to deal with all changes in organization – says Sławomir Kołodziejski, senior consultant in the area of accounting and finances in the Hays Poland personal consulting company.


Sławomir Kołodziejski points out that higher requirements set to candidates for positions related to finances are connected with transferring employees between different departments of a company, caused by limitation of specializations in the area of finances. For instance, in the area of companies from the FMCG sector, we may observe various divisions: marketing finances, sales finances, and even more operational division on minidivisions, that is costly planning or budget. There was not something like that in the past – thinks Sławomir Kołodziejski.


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Among international certifications which confirm achieved competences, the most prestigious are ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants – an international organization consociating specialists from the area of finances, accounting and management) and CIMA, that is Charted Institute of Management Accountants (institute engaged in educating of professionals from the area of finance management, offering a program of international vocational qualifications of a managerial accounting). ACCA prepares candidates, gives them a strong and general outline of finances, accounting and bookkeeping. However, CIMA is recognized as MBA equivalent, but in the financial world – explains consultant of Hays Poland.


Lately, better appreciated were so called soft competitions, which facilitate employees to obtain financial data, communication with different departments or leading specialized presentations.


Great demands and residing responsibility in financial employees go hand in hand with high incomes. According to expert of Hays Poland, a financial analyst may earn on the level of 5 thousand to 8 thousand zlotys, a financial controller ca. 10-12 thousand zlotys, and in case of heavier regional responsibility ca. 18 thousand zlotys. The highest salary receives a finance director – 20-25 thousand zlotys.

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