Poland, a European leader

Strong position of Poland consists of several factors
Strong position of Poland consists of several factors
By the end of the year, companies from the sector of modern services with foreign capital in major Polish cities will occupy 1 million square meters of office space.

Undoubtedly, Poland is an attractive location for companies in the modern business services.By the end of this year, employment in this sector will exceede 100 thousand people - so according to a report on the market of modern business services, prepared by Jones Lang LaSalle, in cooperation with the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (Invest in Poland), the Association of Business Service Leaders in Poland (ABSL) and companies Ernst & Young and Hays Poland. 

Positive data, of course, have a bearing on Polish position on the global market. According to the report of Jones Lang LaSalle, the country on the Vistula is ranked seventh in the world, taking into account the increase in employment in the sector in the period 2008-2011, and the third position in terms of employment growth in the service centers during 2003-2011. Values of direct, foreign investments in the centers in Poland in the period 2003-2011 and the number of jobs created puts the country in third place globally. Poland is second only to India and Malaysia. 
- Mecca for outsourcing are India, with whom we compete for years, but in the case of service centers that require complex processes of investors, Poland is in the first place.The services sector is the most popular among the projects led   by PAIiIZ. In the list of 149 investors currently supported by the Agency, 27 runs in the field of BPO. They can create more than 7 thousand. jobs.For years, the biggest advantage of Poland is HR, but in recent years, infrastructure has significantly improved. Poland has become more accessible   - Says Sławomir Majman, President of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency. 
Experts point out that over the past two years, two aspects has transformed, the climate favorable for investments in the Polish service centers and the global model of the companies' performance.Companies are moving away from simple cost calculation in the case of a decision to move part of its activities outside the offices, for a more long-term approach and analysis of operational efficiency, productivity, and growth opportunities of service centers. In addition, range of functions and lines of business have globally increased , which is considered as potentially suitable for separating out companies in the form of internal outsourcing (shared service centers) or external, to specialized in this direction companies. 
- This trend is clearly reflected in the business service centers operating in Poland, which take over more and more complex and based on specialized knowledge business areas.May be mentioned, for example, market analysis, consulting services, marketing, and legal services. Polish service centers began only with simple processes such as data entry and simple accounting. We are proud of the fact, therefore, that by the end of 2012, business service centers operating in Poland, will employ about 100 thousand people, today it is more than 90 thousand - notes Jacek Levernes, President of the Association of Business Service Leaders in Poland.
The authors also point to the fact that the office infrastructure provides a variety of options of high quality rental office. More and more office buildings are built not only in the main centers, but, for example, in cities such as Olsztyn, Kielce, Opole, Bydgoszcz, Toruń and Białystok. Of considerable importance are the instruments of support, including among others the special economic zones in which modern industry business services often locates its operations.

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