Poland is number one in outsourcing

Poleczki Busienss Park – one of the main business complexes in Warszawa
Poleczki Busienss Park – one of the main business complexes in Warszawa
Rankings made by global institutions indicate that Poland occupies high positions in comparison to other countries in Europe and worldwide when it comes to the popularity in the sector of services for business.

Over 400 service centres, over 110 000 employees, over one million square meters of office space occupied by outsourcing companies, these are the numbers which prove Poland’s strong position among the most popular global locations for the sector of modern services for business – says a report by Jones Lang LaSalle Onshore, Nearshore, Offshore: Unsure? devoted to the possibilities of development the Polish market provides for international investors dealing with modern services for business. The report was made in cooperation with Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, ABSL - the Association of Business Service Leaders in Poland, and Hays Poland.

The data shows that Poland gets 3.4 percent of all global work places in the outsourcing/offshoring sector. The result gives us the first place in the region of East-Central Europe, second in Europe and sixth in the world. International institutions place Poland in the forefront of the most attractive investment destinations in the world. Poland succeeded thanks to political and economic stability, business credibility, and thanks to the Poles - creative, innovative, well-educated employees, who are looking for new solutions and are engaged in their work. Europe’s best results of investment influx prove that foreign companies trust Poland – explains Sławomir Majman, the chairman of Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency.

The sector of outsourcing services in Poland is characterized by a growing tendency. According to the ABSL predictions, by the end of 2013 the number of people employed in the branch will increase to 115-120 thousand.  The trademark of the Polish market, appreciated by foreign specialists, is the development of centres providing such services in smaller cities and towns. The number of employees with wide experience is also growing, it is confirmed by the data of Hays Poland which says that 30 percent of people employed in such centres have 5 years long experience in the sector.

Another argument which attracts to Poland foreign companies specializing in outsourcing services is the opportunity to obtain essential support from such institutions as Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, local teams supporting investors, and international consulting companies.

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