Building a cornerstone in a new Olivia building

Olivia SIX
There will be 15 000 sq. m of office space in the structure
The celebration of dedication and building a cornerstone in the Olivia SIX building, which belongs to the Olivia Business Center complex, is planned for today.

Olivia SIX building will offer to its tenants 15 000 sq. m of office space class A, located on 14 tiers. Additionally, there will be three floors of underground garages, aboveground garages and floor indented for providing services and trade in the structure. Thanks to the building, Danzig business center will expand its space to over 70 000 sq. m.

Building of Olivia SIX signs itself into strategy consisting in commissioning of one office building each year. In the current year, the building of Olivia Four was finished, and last year – Olivia Point & Tower. The realization of Olivia SIX started in February 2014, and its finish is planned for the second quarter of 2015. Currently, Pekabex partnership is performing the stage of a crude state.

Poland is developing, and what is really amazing – our region is flourishing. We were the voivodship which increased its GDP the quickest, outdoing even the capital. Olivia Business Center has been contributing to this collaborative effort together with public authorities for over 4 years. Next to roads, airports, stadiums and ports, our business center, which is full of offices, is an element of joint public infrastructure which serves our local community. Every year, we give one building to the need of companies which here in Tricity, a place with huge historical, intellectual and dynamically developing human potential, create new workplaces and generate profit. It is exactly where Polish and foreign companies of various sizes, trades and sectors, found their headquarters. Together with other business entities in OBC as well as with academic and scientific communities, we are creating the greatest business ecosystem in Tricity. I am very pleased that we are able to change my favorite city and region together for better – points out Maciej Grabski, investor in Olivia Business Center.

Olivia Business Center complex is located at Grunwaldzka Avenue, nearby Olivia Hall. Within four years, several dozen of companies opened their headquarters on the investment area, such as: Energa, Allianz, Bayer, PWC, PKO Bank Polski, SII, Noble, Medicover, GFKM, Starbucks, Competence Call Center, Goyello, Playsoft or Epam. Olivia Business Center is being realized in few stages in order to finally reach almost 120 000 sq. m of modern office space class AA, on the parcel with total area of 3,5 ha.

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