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New office Playsoft in Gdansk
The company Playsoft, creates mobile games and applications, moved its headquarters to the office Olivia Four in Gdansk.

Playsoft Monday June 2 has been operating in its new headquarters, located in a building Olivia Four, included in the complex of Olivia Business Centre in Gdansk. The company is the first tenant of the facility and occupies over 600 sqm. of surface.

Our move is part of a strategy related to continued investment in the Polish branch of the company and the desire to provide employees with the best possible conditions. We also wanted to display that the new office was the services we provide. Every day we create a game that is fun, so we wanted to reflect this office was - says Pierre Olivier Monteil, Managing Director of Playsoft.

How is the new office Playsoft? For employees waiting room with a hammock and relax game machine, decorated with imitation grass - also on the wall. The corridors to move, you can use the scooter and the interior design is diversified among others graffiti board with LEGO and any shaped box. An interesting element is the telephone booth in the English style, allowing for private conversations. The aim of the designers was to create a place of creative, allowing free and creative work in a good atmosphere.

Playsoft is an independent agency cooperating with such giants in the market for games like Konami, Sega, Namco, Ubisoft and Electronic Arts. The company is the author of, among others, mobile version of the Avengers and SimCity games, and games for iOS and Android on the centenary edition of the Tour de France. In Gdansk Playsoft employs nearly 80 people, mostly testers, programmers, graphic designers and heads of the project.

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